Laziest Post of This Week: Top AgencySpy Stories of July

By Erik Oster 

We realized we haven’t posted a lot this week, so we decided to do something lazy and throw together a roundup of the top stories from this long, wild month.

Back in the day, we used to do these sorts of roundups every so often (rather than just annually) and we thought it would be an interesting month to take a look back.

(Do you even remember what happened at the beginning of the month?)


So in that spirit, the top eight AgencySpy stories of July:

Havas Went Through a Round of Layoffs Across the U.S.

Hill Holliday Responds to Assault Allegation From Former Intern 

W+K Says It Would Be ‘Unprofessional’ to Weigh In on Industry Backlash Against Client Facebook

Doner Wins Consumers Energy, TCF Bank Accounts

GSK Sends Global Production Duties to Publicis Groupe and Tag

Internal Memo: Ogilvy Global CEO Andy Main Kicks Off His First Day Addressing Several Issues

Muh-tay-zik / Hof-fer CEO, CCO John Matejczyk Is Leaving the Agency He Co-founded

Forsman & Bodenfors New York Went Through a Round of Layoffs This Week, Split With CEO Mike Densmore

(Editor’s Note: In the spirit of being really lazy, enjoy the Roger Moore/007 image. Get it? He’s a SPY!)