LATimes: GM’s Woes Could Harm “Transformers 2” Revs. Right.

By Matt Van Hoven 

Not long after GM announced it won’t be expanding it’s reborn Camaro line into the famed Z28 series (and further delayed the release of the convertible) another hit has come to the automaker: reduced cross-promotion for “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.” Oh, and Paramount, which made the movie, is a little weepy that GM won’t be airing as many Bumblebee-rific ads and so the LATimes thinks the movie will make less money.

This is a box of poop if ever there was one. The first Transformers cost $147 million to make but earned $708,272,592 globally. Darn, the thing only took home $561,272,592.00, and who could sleep at night with such dismal earnings. Director Michael Bay is probably considering suicide.


Thanks to an exclusive deal, GM will again play the good guys in this summer’s sure-to-kick-ass-second-round of the cars that turn into robots and fight other robots flick. GM got the deal via William Morris, a talent agency (read: not you), and because of this whole recession they won’t be able to pimp the movie as much as they would have liked.

Something tells us that a movie that made $500+ million will probably do just fine in the theatres. So please movie dudes, save the whining. It’ll be OK.

The same may not be so for GM. When the first Transformers came out, the Camaro was still a concept car. This time around it will be available for purchase &#151 but as we mentioned not in the Z28 (suped-up) or convertible (convertible) versions their fans remember from back in the day. All we’re saying is if your car can’t actually turn into a robot, it should at least be able to go topless.

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