Last Holiday Entry of the Week: Heartwarming or Mildly Creepy?

By Kiran Aditham 

Meet Mike Babick, aka “Grandpa Mike” aka the man who met Santa. Yep, that’s the underlying story behind this holiday clip that’s basically a quick documentary on the Kansas native and obvious Christmas enthusiast. You thought your Christmas decorations would make neighbors jealous, check out Babick’s overwhelming display at his home in Prairie Village.

Of course, Babick may also have a screw loose as his Xmas obsession stems from an apparent meeting with the, ahem, real Santa, who sent him a message that would stick with Babick forever. After hearing the man’s tale, it might sound like a case for Mulder & Scully on one of their off days, but hey, Babick is spreading some holiday cheer in a very ambitious, yet odd way. The doc was done by a collective called Tight Salad, comprised of creatives including director/photographer Austin Walsh, CD Glendon Scott and editor Dustin Schirer.

Since we’re just as tired of agency holiday cards as you are, we figured we’d go out with a peculiar clip that deviates from the norm. Enjoy.