Kraft Unleashes Ted ‘Golden Voice’ Williams on Valentine’s Day

By Bob Marshall 

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been over a year since Ted Williams, the homeless man with the “golden voice,” captured the collective heart of the internet. It’s also nice to see that CP+B and Kraft are still getting some mileage off of the Macaroni and Cheese spokesperson, including Williams in a Valentine’s Day social media campaign aptly titled “The Golden Voice of Love.” With Barry White and Issac Hayes both in the grave, could Williams ascend to the throne as America’s new voice of romance?

“The Golden Voice of Love” is basically the same exact thing as W+K’s award-winning “Responses” campaign for Old Spice. Tweets featuring the #voiceoflove hashtag will be eligible for a reading by Williams through Feb. 14, which will then be posted to Kraft Mac and Cheese’s YouTube page. The main distinction between “The Golden Voice of Love” and “Responses” is the former’s charitable twist. For each tweet featuring the #voiceoflove hashtag, Kraft will donate 100 boxes of Mac and Cheese (up to 100,000 total) to Feeding America, an organization that Williams says is “very near and dear to my heart.”


So, if Isaiah Mustafa ignored your tweets during “Responses,” here’s your second chance to get your social media witticisms read aloud by an Internet celebrity. And, this time around, your tweet is supporting a good cause. Learn more about Feeding America here.