Knicks Mask Mediocrity with Cool 3D Projection Mapping Intro

By Kiran Aditham 

Don’t get us wrong, we have high hopes for the New York Knicks, but like the Mets, they always seem to disappoint. So while we await the eventual first-round playoff loss, let’s revel in this nifty pre-game intro that comes to us from film/digital production studio The Famous Group. According to those in the know, the Knickerbockers are the first professional U.S. sports team to showcase 3D projection mapping technology at a game.

TFG utilized tools including a Canon 5d Mark II Projector and HDMI Breakout Monitor (followed by post work in After Effects and Maya among other software) to fully realize this effort, which marks the second cool digital project that Carmelo Anthony’s been involved with in the last few months. Now, can we at least get 40 wins in this shortened season? Credits after the jump.


Production company: The Famous Group, NY/LA
Partner/ECD: Greg Harvey
Creative Director: Jeff Levine
Associate Creative Director: Hemu Karadkar
Executive Producer: Andrew Isaacson
CG Supervisor: Brendan Eddy
Senior Producer: Michael Steinmann
Producer/Supervising TD: Sang – Jin Bae
Production Coordinator: Brandon Grabowski
Design: Tin Tran
3D Animation: Brendan Eddy, Joshua Pierce, Mike Fix, Jennifer Van Horn
Compositing: Tin Tran
Editor: Steve Davis
Storyboard Artist: Bryan Frank
Sound Design: Drasko Vucevic, Drastic Music