Klarna Says to Blame the Company if You Forgot Valentine’s Day

By Kyle O'Brien 

Valentine’s Day came the day after the Super Bowl, which means that many people might have forgotten about the international day of romance. That, in turn, could get those people in some pretty hot water.

Buy-now-pay-later platform Klarna and its in-house creative team have come up with a plan to shift the blame from those forgetful folks to the company itself. The service, “Blame it on Klarna” is an email generator that puts the blame right on Klarna to help save relationships.

The service will help customers buy time to find an extra special gift with the relief of not appearing to have neglected gift buying completely. Those in need of support simply need to visit the site, enter their email address and automatically receive an email from Klarna apologizing for an imaginary delay or for accidentally “canceling” an order. Once received, the digital apology letter is shown to the partner and peace will hopefully be restored to the relationship.


Klarna data predicts that men may benefit the most from the service. In 2021, men decreased their average order value for “jewelry and accessories” in the lead up to Valentine’s Day but this number increased by 50% the next day, a sign that there was plenty of making up to do by those who forgot the special day.

If the stunt proves successful, Klarna plans to roll out the service for birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion when buying gifts that may be forgotten.