Kit Kat 4.4 Pokes Fun at Apple Advertising (Of Course)

By Erik Oster 

Following Google’s announcement Tuesday that the upcoming 4.4 version of Android will be named after its new partner Kit Kat, Nestle and JWT have launched a new advertisement on YouTube for the Kit Kat 4.4, with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

The ad pokes fun at Apple’s self-serious style of advertisement, with “Chief Breaks Officer” Chris Catlin doing a pretty spot-on imitation of Apple designer Jony Ive’s accent and dramatic speaking style, while bragging of the Kit Kat 4.4’s features. These include “adjustable orientation,” “global coverage,” and compatibility “with all liquid accessories.” The tagline? A rhyming riff on Apple: “There’s a Kit Kat for that.”


Kit Kat’s website and social media sites have also been revamped to make the Kit Kat appear like a smartphone. The site is broken into categories including, “Hardware,” “Features,” “Accessories” and “Tech Spec” where you can read about Kit Kat’s “praline software, crisp waferware, and …unique chocolate unibody.”

Mmm…unique chocolate unibody. Confectionary perfectionary indeed.

JWT also designed the packaging on over 50 million specially branded Kit Kat bars in 19 international markets, including the UK, Australia, Brazil, Germany and Japan. The packs will lead consumers to, where they have the chance to win Google Nexus 7 tablets, credits to spend in Google Play, and other prizes. JWT has also created local campaigns across TV, outdoor, ambient, retail activation and experiential to run in these 19 international markets. The Kit Kat branding marks the first time Android’s operating system has launched under a brand name. Credits:

Project name: KitKat Android

Client and Job Title: Stewart Dryburgh

Creative agency: JWT London

Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey

Creative Director: Barry Christie

Creatives: Joe Fox, James Keane, Chris Jones

Developers: Dave Morgan, Henry Moyo, Matthew Payne, Davide Fortuna,

Tobias Fieldhouse

Project Managers: Stephen Mead, Ian Hughes, Joseph Bassary

Planner (creative agency): Mobbie Nazir

Global Director in Charge: Stephanos Klimathianos

Account Director: Ant Hill