King James Kicks Off Video Game Reign with ‘NBA 2K14’

By Jordan Teicher 

LeBron James may have a South Beach mansion full of trophies, but until yesterday, he had yet to accomplish one basketball-related goal: gracing the cover of a video game. NBA 2K14 won’t hit stores until the fall, but last night, viewers of the NBA Finals on ABC got to watch the introductory ad – created by Zambezi – where James announces his plan to join past coverboys like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. For 2K Sports, having the best basketball player in the world endorsing your basketball product is not too shabby, either.

Lost in all of this is the noble presence of Steve Kerr, once the foil to MJ in the NBA, and now, the foil to Marv Albert in NBA broadcasting. Kerr plays the role of “2K Investigator” in the commercial’s somewhat-lame hook. But when a six-foot white guy who couldn’t dunk gets into a basketball video game commercial, everyone wins.


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Founder/Executive Creative Director:  Brian Ford

Founder/Managing Director: Chris Raih

Creative Director: Kevin Buth

Associate Creative Director: Jon Runkle

Creative Strategist: Desmond Marzette  

Art Director:  Manu Gregori

Executive Producer: Alex Cohn 

Senior Producer: Nathan Nowak  

Producer:  Carolyn Lu

Director of Digital: Peter Mertz

Digital Producer: Sean Carnage  

Director of Sports Marketing: Matt Dzamba                                  

Account Director: Kevin O’Brien

Account Supervisor: Jeramie Hopson


2K Sports

SVP of Sports Operations: Jason Argent

Senior Director of Marketing: Chris Snyder

Director, Brand Marketing: Mike Rhinehart