Kia Unveils David&Goliath’s ‘Walken Closet’ in Full

By Erik Oster 

Some Super Bowl teasers like to play with viewer expectations without revealing much of what will actually be in a brand’s big game ad, like W+K’s recently revealed “Someone Else” for TurboTax. With the release of Kia’s full “Walken Closet” spot from David&Goliath, we now know that last week’s teaser was not of this variety.

The 15-second teaser, rather, gave a pretty clear indication of what to expect from the full ad, enough so that one of our commenters essentially guessed it (and we’re sure they weren’t the only one who saw it coming). After the man asking where his beige socks strolls into his walk-in closet to find Christopher Walken (essentially where the trailer left off), Walken delivers a speech about how there are two types of people in the world: “Those who are content to blend in, these people walk through life like beige socks” and “Those who expect more.” Walken then snaps his fingers and the 2016 Kia Optima is suddenly behind him, and the two drive off into the sunset. While Walken’s star power will attract at least some attention to the spot, that the basic message is one we’ve heard a thousand times before makes it seems like a wasted opportunity, to say the least. We’re not sure positioning the vehicle as “like the world’s most exciting pair of socks, but it’s a midsize sedan” is doing it any favors either.

“There are a few special moments in one’s career. Those times when you find yourself in an interesting place, making something you never thought possible, with someone you never thought you’d meet,” said David&Goliath chief creative officer Colin Jeffery. “Being in a closet with Christopher Walken and 600 pairs of beige slacks was definitely one of those moments.”

Agency: David&Goliath
Founder & Chairman: David Angelo
Chief Creative Officer: Colin Jeffery
Chief Digital Officer: Mike Geiger
President: Brian Dunbar
Chief Strategy Officer: Seema Miller


Creative Director: John O’Hea
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