KFC South Africa Campaign Makes Light of Real-Life Shark Attack

By Patrick Coffee 

You will probably not be too surprised to learn that KFC’s ads in South Africa are very different than those made in the U.S.

Here we have Norm MacDonald trying way too hard to prove that he’s still somebody you might want to pay attention to. Over there, we get this spot about children who don’t have enough food to eat.

The paper kid’s trembling stomach was kind of a (manipulative) punch to the gut, no? It’s part of “Add Hope,” a running project that calls itself “a national feeding scheme” (which sounds a little odd).

Ogilvy has worked on that one for a while, though the client didn’t specifically credit the agency for the spot above. The next one, though, is something completely different.

SPOILER: it’s a pro surfer kicking the shit out of a CGI shark.

We like the part where he holds up the one-ton shark with one hand. The sandwich itself, of course, looks super gross and has absolutely nothing to do with Mick Fanning.

The only reason this is kind of noteworthy is that it plays on the fact that this guy really did get attacked by a shark during a competition this summer, and people are offended about KFC “monetising on Mick Fanning’s misfortune.”

Dude got paid, so we don’t see what the big deal is. But here’s footage of the attack itself if you can make it through the pre-roll ad.

People are way too sensitive when the guy just wants to make a little money. But the part where the shark knocks him off his board was definitely fucked up.