KFC Sneaks Into UN to Teach America a Lesson

By Matt Van Hoven 

Just four days after writing a letter to the UN requesting KFC’s “Grilled Nation” be considered a recognized country, Colonel Sanders infiltrated a restricted section of the UN and then shook hands and was photographed with current president of the United Nations General Assembly, Libya’s Dr. Ali A. Treki. Wait, what?

Yes, this happened, say various publications. But before that happened, as mentioned, KFC president Roger Eaton sent the UN a letter, which the Guardian‘s Andrew Clark responded to: “Honestly, Roger, do grow up,” he wrote. So, at least we were warned.


In the background of all this is a war being waged right now between Boston Market, KFC and El Pollo Loco in Louisville, Ky., spurred on by yesterday’s free grilled chicken giveaway. Some of the local chains there were going at it in a head to head to head giveaway war. It’s called “biting your nose to spite your face” &#151 and has gotten so bad that:

&#151 Boston Market was giving away chicken, mashed potato and cornbread value meals for $1

&#151 El Pollo Loco offered up a year of free chicken for one person, the prerequisite for which included commenting on an accompanying Facebook or Twitter page

&#151 KFC, obvs, gave away free grilled chicken, again

&#151 All this according to National Restaurant News

What have we learned, advertising? Many things, many many things. Yes, another list:

1. The UN has little to nothing to do
2. It’s easy to sneak into (the UN), even when wearing a tie not popular since people said words like “much’bliged” instead of whatever that means.
3. No seriously, Colonel fucking Sanders sneaked into the UN?
4. Our little nation is obsessed with chicken, from Louiville up yonder to New Amsterdam.
5. We’re so obsessed with chicken that we don’t seem to mind buying it from not only a place whose name literally means “the crazy chicken” but another whose name is but a set of three letters, which no longer have meaning because the process they use to fry said chicken somehow isn’t right.
6. If you do something audacious enough, it will end up in places where people write about things that have happened. We’re guilty, twice.

There’s probably more to take away with this, but that would mean giving more credence to this than is necessary. So, if you were wondering what’s up with chicken, now you know.

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