KesselsKramer LA Bows ‘URL Project’ for MOCA

By Erik Oster 

KesselsKramer’s video for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles tells the story of a unique digital art collaboration.

First, the idea behind the project: Digital artist Rafaël Rozendaal asked the YouTube community to submit ideas for the URL for his next project. He would then collaborate with the person who submitted the winning suggestion.


KesselsKramer’s video documents this collaborative process between Rozendaal and the winner. The URL selected was, which just makes me think of this. Rozendaal’s collaborator explains that he envisioned the site as “atmospheric” and “very-reduced” and the finished product certainly fits that description even if it’s “completely different” than the collaborator imagined it would be. This isn’t exactly my kind of art (it kind of just looks like a screensaver), but it’s a cool way for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles to actively engage an audience.

You can check out more work from Rafaël Rozendaal at his website. Credits after the jump.

Client: MOCAtv
Agency: KesselsKramer Los Angeles
ECD/WRITER: David Charles
CD/ART DIRECTOR: Melinda Gorham
ART DIRECTOR: Vicente Montelongo
EP: Eric Barrett
Editor: John Squire
Music: Cold Void

MOCAtv Creative Director: Emma Reeves
MOCAtv EP: John Toba