JWT’s Junk Waste Trash

By SuperSpy 

Earth day is coming to its twilight hours. What have you done? The kids over at J. Walter Thompson have a launched JWT’s first human powered ad over at the site, Junk Waste Trash. Get it – JWT? Oh boy. They’re a riot, no?

Some staffers over at the firm have rightly decided to take matters into their own hands. Damn the man and all that by installing energy-saving green switches in every conference room and adding baby polar bear infirmary in The Cabin on 2. No, um… well, yes. They’re kidding because you know Bob Jeffrey ain’t paying for all that. More seriously, they’re working on installing new paper recycling options, providing low-cost reusable water bottles and switching to energy efficient CFL lightbulbs.


It’s the little things people and these employees get high marks for effort. There’s also something about a live video feed and a bike (see above). I think people get on it and the Nightmare Before Christmas tree sitting in the frame lights up or something. Since I’ve been watching, no one has taken a spin, so I can’t say.

Feedback for the site includes:

“JWT should hire me to ride that shit all day. Good for JWT and good for my ass.”

“I think your site should support lower class systems so all of America can see this, not just fancy pants high tech types.”

“Clearly what we need to start doing is printing double sided instead of killing a tree to make copies for every member of an internal team.

And really, how far fetched is the idea of giving everyone a mug with their name on it on their first day of orientation? reduce waste, avoid confusion and everyone gets their own sweet-ass mug.”