JWT NY Defines ‘How We Family’ For Tylenol

By Erik Oster Comment

J. Walter Thompson New York launched a Pride Month spot for Tylenol entitled “How We Family.” The 30-second spot follows the agency’s “What Matters Most” campaign built around an inclusive re-imagining of Normal Rockwell‘s iconic “Freedom From Want” painting.

“How We Family” opens with the question, “When were you first considered a family?” asking if it was when you fell in love, got married or had kids. They follow up with another question, “When did you first fight to be considered a family?” over footage of mixed race and LGBT couples falling in love, getting married and raising their families. The obvious, yet poignant, implication is that no one should have to fight to be considered a family and that the definition of the modern family has evolved past previous prejudices. “Family isn’t defined by who you love, but how,” the ad concludes. It’s a simple and direct message, delivered clearly and concisely, well-timed for Pride Month and a natural evolution from the previous campaign. It looks like bigoted Christian Evangelist extremist Franklin Graham has another brand to add to his boycott list.