JWT London Brings Tiger to Suburbia for WWF

By Erik Oster 

JWT London launched a new, 60-second spot for the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) entitled “Tiger in Suburbia.”

The title is fairly self-explanatory, as the spot imagines a suburban family taking in a tiger and nursing him back to health. At the beginning of the spot he is seen with a cut on his paw and is defensive when the family tries to treat it. By the end of the spot, though, the family and creature have grown attached, making his eventual departure a tearful goodbye for the family.

Taking a tiger into your home is, of course, a terrible idea. Any suburban family would be easily bankrupted by trying to keep up with the demands inherent in feeding such a creature, to say nothing of the inevitable damage to furniture and likelihood of feline homicide. Kidding aside, the spot is meant as a visually-evocative illustration of how such families can help out struggling tigers half a world away. This is illustrated well at the end of the spot, when the tiger leaves the family’s back door and walks right into a lush jungle. It ends with the message “They need you” and a call to donate monthly and become a “Tiger Protector.”

VFX house MPC Advertising or Moving Picture Company created the tiger itself.

Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Creative Director: Jaspar Shelbourne
Creatives: James Humphreys, Craig Hunt
TV Producer: Denise Connell, Edmund Thorn
Planner: Chris Bailey
Global Director in Charge: Emma Howath
Account Director: Anna Hall
Senior Account Manager: Sophie Christiansen
Project Manager: Steve Hedge
Media Agency: ARM
Media Planners: Oliver Bertwistle, Tom Parker
Director: Martin Stirling
Production Company: Partizan
Editor: Steve Ackroyd
Sound: Chris Turner @ Jungle