JWT London Brings Back Philadelphia’s Angels

By Erik Oster 

JWT London recently launched its first campaign since renewing its relationship with cream cheese (known as soft cheese across the pond) brand Philadelphia, reviving angelic characters from a popular campaign started in the mid-90s.

A new spot updates the approach while sticking with the general direction of its predecessor. It shows a mother angel nervous to be going out on her first date in ages (not sure what that is in angel time), while her daughter attempts to calm her down with some Philadelphia spread on a slice of bread. When the doorbell rings, the mother has second thoughts about the date, deciding she’d rather “stay in and eat Philadelphia” but her daughter offers some encouragement to get her flying out the door.

Basically, while retaining some of the cheesy charm of the original campaign (and mentioning the brand by name as often as possible), JWT and Philadelphia are banking on the changes being significant enough to avoid the campaign seeming like a lame throwback while still stoking nostalgia in older audiences. There’s also an emphasis on communality, with the product presented as a way to share some quality time with friends and family over a pleasant snack, exemplified by the “Share a little taste of heaven” tagline. JWT and Philadelphia are banking on the twists to the approach being enough to appeal to modern audiences. The broadcast campaign launched earlier this month in Portugal, Austria and Denmark and will continue to roll out in eight more countries, with support from digital, social and in-store initatives. 


“We are bringing back an iconic idea with a modern twist and introducing Philadelphia’s witty and fun angels to a new generation,” JWT Europe CEO Toby Hoare told LBB

“We are excited about making our angels relevant for today’s audience, Philadelphia is a product where friends and family have enjoyed its rich and creamy taste over generations, and we believe this new campaign leverages the strengths inherent in the brand’s heritage but retains the wit, charm and warmth of the original characters and allows us to remind our consumers of the simple pleasure of Philadelphia,” added Greta Hammel, marketing director, EU Meals, Mondelez International.

CREATIVE AGENCY: J. Walter Thompson London
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Jaspar Shelbourne
CREATIVES: Senan Lee and Pansy Aung
TV PRODUCER: (Sr) Denise Connell, Edmund Thorn
SENIOR PLANNER: Megan Van Someren
PLANNER: Jo Scott‐Weston
PLANNER: (Jr) Marina Lindsay‐Brown
BUSINESS DIRECTOR : Shereen Daver, Gillian Milner
CEO: Toby Hoare
SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER: Lauren Carlin, Morgan Collins
PROJECT MANAGER: Caroline Saines

PLANNER: Jack Rosevear

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Hungry Man Production
DIRECTOR: Ric Cantor

SOUND DESIGN: Jungle Sound

EDITOR: Billy Mead @ Ten Three