JWT Italia Crafts ‘Hexagon Huracan’ for Lamborghini

By Erik Oster 

JWT Italia worked with director Antony Hoffman and BRW FILMLAND Milano to create “Hexagon Huracan,” designed to unveil the new Lamborghini Huracan at the Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland.

The cinematic 3:55 video follows a James Bond-like spy as he is awakened by a bolt of thunder and receives a transmission “tasking him to reach a target amidst a hurricane that rages in Hollywood blockbuster fashion.” The agent braves the storm in a new, bright orange Lamborghini Huracan. From here out, the video is, understandably, heavy on the auto-porn, showing the new Huracan pulling off all kinds of impressive maneuvers. When the agent finally reaches his mark he says, “It’s good, I made it.  Just next time, wake me up a little earlier,” followed by the “Instinctive Technology” tagline and Lamborghini logo.

“Hexagon Huracan” has impressively slick production, with Hollywood-style action — although there’s unsurprisingly not much to the story. The Huracan, of course, looks great performing all the stunts necessary for the video, which should certainly turn a few heads among the car nerd crowd. Stick around for credits after the jump.


Client: Lamborghini

Title: “Hexagon Huracan,” 3:55

Airdate: April, 2014


Creative Director: Luca Zamboni

CEO: Sergio Rodriguez

Account Director: Valentina Salice

CopywriterCristino Battista

Production Company: BRW FILMLAND Milano

Executive Producer: Stefano Bonfanti

Director: Antony Hoffman

Line Producer: Lisa Hollingshead

Line Producer: Marco Orlando

1st AD: John Wildermuth

2nd AD: Christina Fong

Production Supervisor: Tamika Miller

Asst Production Supervisor: Scott Ba

Production Designer: Tessa Posnansky

1st AC—A Cam: Daniel Bombell

2nd AC—A Cam: Tracy Viera

1st AC – B cam: Rob Sagaser

2nd AC – B cam: Andrew Crankshaw

Key Grip: Matt Blum

Gaffer: Michael Woolaway