JWT Brazil Raises Cancer Awareness by Surprising Audience with Unexpected Choir

By Erik Oster 

This one is tough to take, but that’s kind of the point.

JWT Brazil created another attention-grabbing event raising cancer awareness for A.C. Camargo Cancer Center. After crafting a graffiti intervention for breast cancer last month, the agency set it sights on raising awareness for larynx cancer. As you may know, the main risk factor for larynx cancer is smoking, so this came complete with an anti-tobacco message.

Even more so than with the graffiti intervention, JWT Brazil uses the element of surprise to their advantage. A packed audience at MASP’s auditorium was waiting diligently to see the famed São Paulo University Choir. Instead, they were met by a very different kind of vocal ensemble: the Sua Voz Choir, made up of larynx cancer patients. The choir used “esophageal voice, prosthesis, electronic larynx (vibrator), oral speech and sound’s articulations” to make their way through Beatles classics “All You Need Is Love” and “She Loves You.” Their performance serves as a harrowing reminder of the dangers of larynx cancer, and the choir concluded it by unrolling an anti-smoking banner. Say what you will of the campaign (although you have to admit that JWT Brazil did a good job delivering their message in a unique way while catching their audience off guard), but you have to admire the bravery of the Sua Voz Choir.