JWT Brazil Enlists Hometown Stars to Promote Organ Donation

By Kiran Aditham 

After noting a lack of awareness among families in Brazil regarding organ donation (especially in regard to their own loved ones), JWT teamed up with 200-year-old Porto Alegre Holy House of Mercy and handful of national stars to inspire more people to publicly identify themselves as organ donors.

The likes of soccer player Zé Roberto, director Fernando Meirelles (City of God) and writer Luis Fernando Verissimo star in a series of slo-mo, black-and-white short films in which they announce their status as donors — specifically of the organs that play the largest role in their individual talents. Mereilles, for one, announces in his clip that he’s donating his eyes while Roberto his lungs.

Regarding the somewhat clever concept behind the campaign, which is aptly titled “Talent Donors,” JWT Brazil creative director Diego Wortmann says:

“We wanted stars to be part of the campaign, but in a different way. So we arrived at the ‘Talent Donor’ concept. After all, talent is like an organ, which can stay alive even after death.”

You can check out the Roberto and Verissimo spots below.