JWT Atlanta Launched ‘A Nation’s Call’ Campaign for Marines During Super Bowl LII

By Erik Oster 

Not all Big Game ads ran during NBC’s broadcast of Super Bowl LII.

Among those that didn’t was a spot launching JWT Atlanta’s new campaign for the U.S. Marines, “A Nation’s Call.” Instead, a 30-second spot ran twice during NBC’s livestream of the event. A full-length version of the ad is also running online.

“A Nation’s Call” hammers home a familiar message, shot with impressive production quality (your tax dollars at work). Among shots of looming military aircraft, ships, tanks and more a voiceover explains begins “It’s not just the ships, the armor…” as the vehicles disappear.
The spot concludes, of course, with a nod to the “will to fight” of the Marines themselves, who “answer a nation’s call.”

“Undoubtedly, the equipment, technology and innovation fueling a modern Marine Corps operation gives Marines a decided advantage and an ability to reach objectives further inland than ever before,” said JWT Atlanta executive director, account management Sean McNeeley said in a statement, “but a Marine’s willingness to engage and determination to defeat is essential to Battles Won.”

LtCol John Caldwell, national director of marketing and communication strategy for the United States Marine Corps explained that while there’s wide recognition of Marines as “the few, the proud,” the number one online query regarding the branch of the military asks what is that they do.

“This ad, ‘A Nation’s Call,’ definitively answers that question – it shows our service defining capability to project a self-contained and overwhelming force from a sea-based location to an inland objective,” he said in a statement. “But most importantly, this ad makes crystal clear the fact that more than any weapon system or materiel platform, our success remains reliant upon the indomitable fighting spirit and determination to win inside each and every Marine.”

Agency of Record: J. Walter Thompson Atlanta
Chief Creative Officer: Vann Graves
Executive Creative Director: Doug Darrigo
Creative Director: Tom Wilson
Associate Creative Director: Brian Steele
Associate Creative Director: Daniel Prado
Producer: Jane Jacobsen
Executive Director, Account Management: Sean McNeeley
Business Director: Andrea Villa
Director of Strategy: Randy Shepard
Senior Planner: Liliana Vazquez
Account Supervisor: Reese Glisson
Senior Account Executive: Darcy Hannon

Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Henry-Alex Rubin
Producer: Leah Allina
Executive Producer: Drew Santarsiero
DP: Dion Beebe

Executive Creative Director: Murray Butler
Executive Producer, Head of Production: Sarah Hiddlestone
Senior Producer: Nick Fraser
VFX Supervisor: Steve Drew
CG Supervisors: Greg White, Gabriel Portnof