JWT Amsterdam Creates ‘A Piggy Bank for the Homeless’

By Erik Oster 

With homelessness a growing issue in Amsterdam, JWT Amsterdam launched an awareness and fundraising campaign for the not-for-profit organization for the homeless Belangenbehartiging Amsterdamse Dak- en Thuislozen (BADT).

To raise both money and awareness for the organization JWT Amsterdam sourced mannequins, which they dressed in “shabby, used clothes,” installed a cut-out money slot in the head (made to resemble a piggy bank) and placed them around the city in situations similar to the homeless, with hand-written cardboard signs asking for donations to BADT. The provocative campaign got people’s attention, and was documented in the video above. At the end of the 90 second video, viewers are prompted to visit badt.nl and help support the organization. The entire project “took less than a week to make and came in at under €100” with mannequins sourced for free and clothing donated by JWT Amsterdam employees.


“We wanted to bring more people face-to-face with the different faces of homelessness- the mothers, the families, the children,” said JWT Amsterdam designer Robert Harrison. “It’s a real life problem in the city and, for us, it’s important to shed light on this issue. Our aim was to enable people to look at it in a different way, identify with the situation and feel compelled to take action by donating to BADT.”

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Client: BADT

Medium: Online video

Title: Piggy Bank for the Homeless

Branch: Non-profit

Publication: June 5th 2014

Agency: JWT Amsterdam

ECD: Bas Korsten
Copy: Dieuwer Bulthuis
Art: Chris Sant

Screen Producer: Mariska Fransen
Activation Director: Vera Korsten

Concept: Robert Harrison, Kyoko Takeshita

Client: BADT – Fleur de Vries

Production : JWT Amsterdam

Director: Robert Harrison

D.O.P: Robert Harrison

Editor: Taligence: Wouter Abbestee