Jung Von Matt Is So Much More Epic Than You

By Patrick Coffee 

Can you afford a Mercedes SUV? Can you boss afford a Mercedes SUV?

If you answered “no” to both of those questions, then you probably weren’t aware that the auto giant recently premiered a few new models for 2015, but German agency Jung Von Matt and director William Armstrong of Markenfilm made a TV ad that will leave no doubt as to exactly how epic this announcement turned out to be.

In order to emphasize the importance of this breaking news, the agency called upon athletes and other famous people from sports that do not involve balls and/or nets.


The idea here is that these people are all the very best at what they do–as is, by implication, the Mercedes-Benz company.

Interestingly, this may be the final Mercedes campaign from Jung Von Matt after the client surprised quite a few in the European ad world by creating a new unit to serve its business late last year.

The company held a review but wasn’t satisfied with the pitches of any major German agency, Jung Von Matt included. So it effectively gave its Euro business to two guys: Andre Kemper and DDB vet Tonio Kroger, along with their “creative pool in Berlin.”

The pair worked for the client in the past with Springer & Jacoby, where Kroger helped engineer the now-famous 1997 “moose test” ad. Company CMO Jens Theimer got nostalgic for those old days in the article about the new AOR group, saying he wanted “A legendary agency for a legendary car manufacturer.”

Should be interesting to see whether the new creatives’ work can match Jung Von Matt’s for grandiosity.

Client: Daimler AG
Title: SUV-CampaignAgency: Jung von Matt/ Alster GmbH
Executive Creative Director: Thim Wagner
Creative Director Art: Jonas Keller
Creative Director Text: David Leinweber
Account Manager: Michael Gegner
Head of TV: Christoph KöhlerProduction Company: Markenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
Director: William Armstrong
DP: Ekkehart Pollack / Jann Döppert
Executive Producer: Cornelius Rönz
Line Producer: Christopher Manz
Assistant Producer: Lilli Seidel
Service Production:  Page International Services (Portugal),
Mamma Team Productions S.L. (Spain)
Post production: Infected Postproduction Hamburg
Producer: Sven Bensemann, Wiebke Warndorf
Editor: Sören Görth
Sound Studio: Infected Hamburg
Sound Engineer: Mikis Meyer
Colorist: Christian Lessner
Flame Artist: Ingo Berends
VFX Artist: Allegra David
VFX Artist: Tjurn Timm
VFX Artist: Markus Gratl
VFX Artist: Simone De Salvatore
3D Artists: Ken Ismono
3D Artist: Reinhard Preissner
Motion Graphics Artist: Sebastian Spitze
Motion Graphics Artist: Apparat Hamburg