Julie Roehm, Alex Bogusky And More And More And More

By SuperSpy 

Calling all fans! Fans of Bogusky, Blackshaw, Woolmington! It’s time for you to get the good stuff via Personal Life Media’s Susan Bratton‘s DishyMix (pictured above). In case you aren’t familiar with Bratton, she is the CEO of Personal Life Media, which is a podcast publishing company for people on the leading edge of culture.

Is that you? Or, perhaps you’re curious or a bit of a myrmidon. Whatever you are, check out this self-described “power-rolodex” owner’s interviews with a roster of big names. See the whole list here.


In the Julie “change agent” Roehm interview Bratton covers reputation management, the woes of selling a home, plus the ins/outs of marketing and its culture.

Look, Julie got herself in the shit, but I gotta say – after listening to her DishyMix podcast? The woman has some brain wattage worth taking note of.