Jon Hamm Introduces H&R Block’s ‘Future’ in Super Bowl Spot from Fallon

By Erik Oster 

H&R Block were one of the few brands to not reveal its Super Bowl spot before the big game yesterday. That ad, created by Minneapolis agency Fallon, introduces the “Future” of taxes with a look at the brand’s collaboration with IBM’s Watson.

The spot features voiceover narration from Jon Hamm, whose instantly-recognizable voice opens the spot with the line, “It is one of the most powerful tools our species has created.” Citing its ability to help doctors fight disease, predict global weather patterns and improve education, he adds, “now, we unleash it on your taxes.”

While it didn’t generate the kind of attention, or controversy, as some of its Super Bowl peers, the spot is still a solid plug for H&R Block. Hamm’s predictably solid narration (it’s not his first time in a voiceover role connected to artificial intelligence) help elevate the spot, which, accompanied by some intriguing visuals, accomplishes the considerable accomplishment of making an ad for a tax preparation service somewhat interesting. The spot concludes with Hamm walking out in a suit, saying, “Welcome to taxes won.”