John Winsor Wonders….Part 12,373

By Kiran Aditham 

We are fans of  John Winsor , don’t get us wrong. We also know that you commenters made it a point to spew some vitriol at the man, just for revealing his thoughts and working at a shop called Victors & Spoils. Since I, Kiran Aditham, have mixed feelings about the ad industry just as much as you do, I will step aside and give the man a chance to explain and  discuss a new project…for at least a couple paragraphs. By the way, we do not speak for Winsor in any shape or form; our hatred is bred from within. So, have at it, sir:

“When we started to work with Harley-Davidson we had this crazy idea. If you could source ideas from advertising professionals around the world using digital management (via Victors & Spoils’ digital collaboration system which we call Agency Machine) then why couldn’t a brand source ideas from their own most rabid fans?

With all of the attention that is on social media, and the significant investment by brands in fan acquisition, why not put fans to work? By doing so you could figure out a couple of things. First, who your most important fans are. And second, by allowing fans access into the brand in a substantial way, we’d create radical engagement. Fans would no longer be customers but co-creators of the brand.”