John St. Created a Pizza Box for Boston Pizza Designed for Eating Pizza in Bed, Because You’re Just That Lazy

By Erik Oster 

Don’t you just hate when you get a pizza delivered to eat in bed while watching Netflix only to find it’s mildly inconvenient to eat right out of the box?

Well, Toronto agency John St. had particularly lazy people like you in mind with the creation of a new campaign for Boston Pizza that dares to dream of a better way. The agency created a pizza box that doubles as a serving tray, specifically designed to be eaten in bed. Boston Pizza unveiled the creation in an online video from the agency promising “The breakthrough we’ve been waiting for.”

“As Canada’s pizza leader, we’re always looking for new ways to make pizza-eating more fun and convenient for our guests,” Boston Pizza International senior director, marketing Adrian Fuoco said in a statement. “And with more TVs in bedrooms than ever, and more seasons to binge-watch, now’s the perfect time for this kind of pizza innovation. The result is a pizza box with legs that easily unfold and lock into place. And just like that, you can comfortably eat a pizza in bed


According to a press release, months of prototyping went into the creation, and we imagine a lot of eating pizza in bed with less than maximum comfort went into the testing process.

“It’s a simple idea, but a lot of thinking went into making sure it would actually work,” john st. creative director Paul Little added. “There were a lot of factors to consider. It had to be high enough to fit over a person’s legs and low enough to comfortably eat off of. We had to compensate for the average depth someone sinks into a bed versus the average leg width, average pizza weight, the list goes on and on. It sounds ridiculous, but knowing some lucky people are going to be able to comfortably eat pizza in bed makes it all worth it.”

The stunt is part of a larger campaign promoting Boston Pizza as the best choice for dad this Father’s Day.


Client: Boston Pizza
Title: BP in bed

Client: Boston Pizza International
Assistant Marketing Manager: Kayla Burchell
Marking Manager: Caley French
Sr. Marketing Direction: Adrian Fuoco

Agency: john st.
Chief Creative Officer: Angus Tucker
Creative Director: Paul Little
Copywriter: Kohl Forsberg
Art Director: Dorota Pankowska
Executive Design Director: Mooren Bofill
Retail Designer: Michael Arnott
Executive Director: Cas Binnington
Head of Integrated Production: Aimee DeParolis
Producer: Neal Owusu
Team Lead: Ryan O’Hagan
Account Director: Caitlin Bourada
Account Supervisor: Emily Farncomb
Director: Paul Steinberg
Line Producer: Maddy O’shaughnessy

Production Company: Heyd & Seek / 172
Editor: Scott Edwards

Online: Tendril

Audio House: Audio Process