John Condon Not Leaving Leo Burnett, Says Agency Rep.

By Matt Van Hoven 

According to a Leo Burnett representative, CCO John Condon is not leaving the agency. What that means is to the best of the rep’s knowledge, Condon is and will for the foreseeable future remain in his current role. We’ve played the “to the best of our knowledge” game before, and this post is meant to update you on what Leo Burnett is saying and weigh that against other information that has been reported.

We floated a story on Friday of last week asking you if the rumor we heard about his departure was true. We originally sought comment from the agency following a story in the Chicago Sun Times, and today the agency replied with the aforementioned response.

AdAge ran a piece today stating the opposite, that Condon is departing. The story sources “two people familiar with matter” (similarly, the Sun Times refers to “informed sources”). With no one coming forward to openly state that he’s leaving &#151 and the agency claiming he isn’t going anywhere &#151 the reality of the situation remains unclear.

Obviously, AdAge and the Sun Times felt compelled by their evidence. Whether wrong or right, it’s great to see them dipping their toes in the “anonymous source” pool.

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