Jerry O’Connell Encourages Everyday Playfulness for GoGo squeeZ

By Ella Riley-Adams 

The website for GoGo squeeZ’s new campaign is all you need to see. Click on Jerry O’Connell’s spot, and your heart will sink as you notice the video runs for nearly five minutes. No one has five minutes to watch Jerry and his “Jerry Doubles,” run around being cute. Even kids would rather watch a sarcastic Disney show, I’m sure.

Big Spaceship’s “Wherever You Go, Go Playfully” campaign has good intentions: for every share of their multimedia content, GoGo squeeZ will give $1 to the Life is good Playmakers, a nonprofit that provides training and support to childcare professionals. And since apparently 74 percent of parents struggle to keep playfulness in their lives, maybe Jerry’s advice will encourage more moms and dads to spring for some GoGo squeeZes, or invent an imaginary game.


I’m in full support of this campaign’s mission, but using a washed-up star (Piranha 3D, anyone?) and contrived antics seem the opposite of an exuberant ideal. Skip the majority of this campaign’s content, and play away.