Jerk Copywriter/Director Wins 2 Pencils and a Clio for Getting Job

By Matt Van Hoven 

Update: We don’t really think Alec is a jerk. He happens to run a site called “Jerks in your area” and has done some funny copywriting (detailed below) that could be qualified as “jerky” &#151 but only in the comedic sense of the word.

Alec Brownstein is a jerk*. There are many reasons we feel this way, but his most recent stunt will surely make you agree. This jerk (copywriter/director) got a job at Y&R New York by playing to the egos of Gerry Graf, David Droga, Tony Granger, Ian Reichenthal and Scott Vitrone. And then he won two pencils and a Clio for doing it.

Brownstein bought Google ad words for the creative directors’ names, which cost him $6. “No one else was bidding on (the names),” he tells us, “so I got the top spot for like 10 cents a click.” This got him interviews with everyone except Granger. Reichenthal and Vitrone are both at Y&R NY and the rest is history.

But that’s not all Brownstein’s a jerk for. Remember that Ovaltine piece where a kid is abandoned by his family for drinking all the Ovaltine? Brownstein’s work. What a jerk &#151 that ad is totally sad. Blame Brownstein.

Also, Balloon Boy. That kid is a mega-jerk.

Then in a spot for Nike, Brownstein’s writing allows a pedophile to get away from the “To Catch a Predator” crew. The pedo was wearing Nikes. Ha ha ha, jerk.

That’s not all. Brownstein writes most of the content for Jerks in Your Area, a super-jerky site that creates fake Craigslist ads intended to amuse.

Finally, Brownstein was a mega-jerk to Droga5. He bought the domain and replaced agency figures’ pictures with his own image. It got the shop’s attention, “Specifically, it got the attention of their chief legal counsel who called me and told me to take it down.” It also got him a job an interview &#151 but that was before this.

Re: pencils. One is a Gold for design and another is a yet-to-be-announced general pencil.

*not really

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