Jeep Wants You to Throw Your Cut Out the Window

By Matt Van Hoven 

Adding to the list of nonsense ads coming from the Global Hue camp is this female-focused Jeep Wrangler spot. We open on ladies getting their hair did. They’re hot. They have brushes sticking out of their locks, hordes of handlers primping, prepping. Meanwhile there’s some voice over and upbeat lounge music from 1994. Bla bla bla. It took these gals 2 months to get their hair appointments. They’ve been waiting for this. Waiting, for wont of a moment to live, ride, be, Jeep.

Apparently, this is a thing women do because there’s two of them and they appear not to be in the same salon. Each leaves her respective hair-burning establishment and yumps into her Jeep. One’s red. The other, orange. The tops are down. Engine roars to life. Fuck this haircut, gun it. Wind in locks, $150 and 3 hours at the salon mean nothing because now she’s cruising some California highway. Yes! This is what it’s about. And scene. I’ll take my $4 million dollars now (or whatever this thing cost).

Do you mean to tell me that a woman, no, women, are spending gobs of money and hours in a stylist’s chair so they can go ruin the cut with their jeep’s top down? Why not spend that $150 on a latte and some gas and spend those hours…I dunno…driving the Jeep?


Wouldn’t a better scene show the woman passing by a packed salon on a Saturday morning, watching the prissy gals wait furtively for their cuts/styles, which will be made irrelevant by a mid-afternoon gust of wind? There’s something about frivolity buried here. The lady driver can still be hot &#151 and the metaphor here would be &#151 it’s sexier to get out and drive your Jeep than it is to sit in a chair so some punk-rock-wannabe who couldn’t make it in community college can make you look like Jackie Onassis Kennedy the morning after Jack’s assassination.

Via Jalopnik

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