Jeep MW3: 2-Minute Drill Edition

By Bob Marshall 

As a Jeep owner (inherited my second, an ’04 Grand Cherokee, earlier this year), I can attest that they make awesome cars. Sure, they might destroy the environment and run about $70 for a full tank of gas, but in the snowy hell of a Midwestern winter, there’s no other car you’d want to be forced to rely on. Not only are they durable beasts of vehicles, but I just learned through the power of Kelley Blue Book’s promoted tweets that Jeeps are the second-best car brand in terms of longevity, with a 40.4 percent chance over holding their value over five years. So, again, if you don’t mind ruining air quality and have to deal with commuting through two feet of snow, consider a used Jeep, won’t you?

Of course, if you’ve ever experienced a Midwestern winter, you know the only comparable environment in terms of danger, violence and tragedy is an actual war zone. That’s what makes this cross-promotion with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 so perfect. It’s somehow simultaneously nerdy and badass, pairing Jeep’s revamped line of SUVs with a video game on course to become the best-selling ever. The epic two-minute spot above from GlobalHue for the MW3 edition Jeep Wrangler follows a :60 cut that debuted exactly a month ago. Of course, the big question is whether or not this (very expensive in terms of production and media spend) cross-promotion leads to those obsessed with a $60 game played on a $250 gaming console purchasing a vehicle that starts around $40,000. I guess we’ll find out when you have this exchange with your nerdy friend:


You: Nice wheels, dude. Is this car new?
Him: You know it. *puts on sunglasses* Made a killing selling off my Groupon stock. (HAHA.)
You: Wait, is this the new Modern Warfare 3 edition Jeep Wrangler?
Him: Well, man, you tell me. *throws a live grenade into grocery store parking lot*

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Loni Peristere – Director
Larry Fong – DP
Dolph Kawalec – Creative Director
Aubrey Walker – ACD
Albert Loera – Senior Art Director
Jared Davis – Copywriter
Billy Riley – Senior Producer