Jeep Celebrates Turkey Day with Times Square Takeover

By Kiran Aditham 

If you happen to be roaming around the Times Square area on Thanksgiving–and who isn’t?–you’ll at some point likely bear witness to Jeep’s 20-hour takeover of the NASDAQ and Reuters billboards.

In the next phase of GlobalHue’s already well-received “i live. i ride. i am. Jeep” campaign, the brand will not only unveil tie-in videos and banners on the monstrous billboards this Thursday, but Jeep is extending the OOH component into Penn, Grand Central and PATH stations.


Telling us what we Big Apple commuters already know, Mike Manley, President and CEO–Jeep Brand, Chrysler Group, in a statement says, “The subway is the ultimate anti-Jeep experience. It’s crowded, stifling and routine.” So why the subway, Mike? “Because it allows us to communicate the Jeep philosophy of freedom and adventure to an audience that is completely captive–as well as ethnically, culturally and economically diverse. It offers an extensive number of impressions, not bound by time of day. And it provides a platform for a tailored message.”

If you’re appetite isn’t whetted enough, Jeep will also unveil another GlobalHue-created spot on Nov. 30 called “It’s Only Hair.”

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