Japanese Ad-Device Knows Your Age/Sex, Displays Content Acordingly

By Matt Van Hoven 

Gizmodo reports that NEC, a Japanese tech company, has unveiled a product that will leave you and your fellow advertisers drooling. A camera mounted above a 50-inch display panel can instantly determine the age and sex of anyone standing in front of it. Then it displays content pertinent to said consumer.

Use that direct mailer you’re working on to wipe your chin.


We first saw (a higher tech version of) this technology in the Tom Cruise flick, Minority Report. NEC’s device doesn’t scan eyeballs (as far as we know). But it does provide interested consumers a way to access the content being displayed. The user simply holds his/her cell phone up to the display, and a QR code instantly sends the phone a hyperlink to the given products.

See the Gizmodo story here.