James Corden Is Full of Ideas, and Costumes, in Translation’s Push for Apple Music

By Erik Oster 

Translation’s new spot for the Apple Music streaming service sees James Corden pitching all kinds of (mostly awful) ideas to Apple Music execs, who remained unimpressed with the comedian’s over-the-top suggestions.

His first suggestion, “What if I’m giving birth to Justin Bieber, who’s giving birth to Anthony Kiedis, who’s giving birth to a phone?” is immediately rejected. While Corden would like to dress up as David Bowie and the Spice Girls, they just want to let people know about Apple Music’s hand-picked playlists, offline functionality and 40 million songs.

As Adweek points out, this kind of meta approach is hardly new and we’re sure our readers can point to at least a half dozen examples of similar ideas. That said, actually seeing Corden act out some of the ridiculous ideas and do his best Bowie and Spice Girls impressions is fairly entertaining. And the obvious benefit in the format is getting both the over-the-top comedy from Corden and the straightforward explanations of what Apple Music has to offer. So while it may not be the most original idea, there’s certainly a method to the madness.