Jaguar Adapts ‘It’s Your Turn’ for a Digital Audience

By Ella Riley-Adams 

Jaguar’s campaign for the 2014 F-Type invites people to test drive the car. In the broadcast ad, a driver speeds down various spectator-lined roads around the world. Finally he slides to a stop and tosses the keys to the next handsome man in line. “It’s your turn,” he says.

To adapt their ad for a digital audience, Jaguar’s agency Spark44 apparently designed a takeover ad in which the F-Type drives across the screen and the driver tosses his keys “straight towards the screen.” This sounds cool, conceptually. But in the demonstration I saw, Jaguar’s ad looks like any other pop-out video. It’s basically the broadcast spot with less acting.


The spot is, however, packaged with Jaguar’s social campaign #MyTurnToJag, which offers participants the chance to win the “test drive of a lifetime.” The brand’s resulting Facebook page is reflective of its enthusiastic fans.

Jaguar’s done cool creative work before, hiring Lana del Rey to sing their soundtrack and making a short action-packed film. This digital spot just isn’t all it promises, and I couldn’t care less about watching another typical vroom-vroom car commercial. Credits after the jump.

North American Creative Director: Bruce Dundore
Art Director: Bill Ewing
ACD: Ryan Moore
Senior Art Director: Jim Kowalski
Assistant Director Production: Liz Foster
Senior Account Executive: Kate Krigbaum
Producer: Jonlyn Williams
Production Company: There 
Director/Director of Photography: Elliott Jobe
Executive Producer/Producer: Annie Hanlon
Creative Director: Dan Szeto
Production Manager: Cathleen Alexander