Jacking Up The Price Of The Super Bowl

By SuperSpy 

NBC Universal has already sold 85 percent of the commercial space available for next year’s Super Bowl and that’s despite a ten percent increases in pricing. At least 12 of the total 65 spots were sold for $3M each. Ten spots are left. Any takers?

Adweek recently featured an article about how marketers are going to continue to buy television time. If they’re going to purchase a prime time spot during Fringe or Desperate Housewives, then they most certainly won’t be turning down the Super Bowl. Despite a troubled economy:

Overall, national advertisers are expected to finalize Q4 prime-time upfront advertising “holds” to “orders” of more than $2 billion, with only about 2 percent canceled of the total put on hold during the upfront. The cancellation rate has been about 3 percent in recent and more economically rosy years.

Despite the ever present hating, television remains in the picture. I’m more interested in finding out who is going to be doing the half time show. Come on, Rihanna!

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