Jack Link’s Takes Sasquatch to College

By Patrick Coffee 

How do we know that Jack Link’s wants to connect with the college crowd? The Big Ten Conference theme behind the brand’s latest campaign “The Wildest Room on Campus” gave us a big hint.

Some context before we dive back in: the brand’s last ads starred real animals, but this mythical creature keeps going just like that famed DDB bunny in new work by AOR Carmichael Lynch and production company Über Content.


Here he is not responding to his awkward turtle-ish roommate:

…and trying to escape one of those awkward freshman moments.

He’s not just a student, though. He’s also an art director-in-training.

The Spartan stirs up trouble…

Sharing was a tough concept for undergrads to grasp, wasn’t it?

Finally, that terrible “who wore it best?” moment:

Looks like the Sasquatch will live on, then. If you’re reading, Jack Link’s, please bring this guy on board for your next tie-in.

And if you need a good excuse to pour a stiff drink on a Tuesday: that show is currently in its fifth season.


Client: Jack Link’s (Direct to Client)
Campaign: “The Wildest Room on Campus”

Agency: Carmichael Lynch
Chief Creative Officer: Dave Damman
Executive Creative Director: Marty Senn
Senior Art Director: Matt Pruett
Writer: Nick Nelson
Director of Consumer Engagement: Joe Germscheid
Engagement Strategist: Ashley Niskala
Engagement Strategist: Nellie Murray
Account Service Team: Stacy Janicki & Sarah Brehm

Production Company: Über Content
Director: Daniel Strange
Owner/Executive Producer: Phyllis Koenig
Owner/Executive Producer: Preston Lee
Executive Producer: Steve Wi