J Mascis Shows off Converse All Wah in Spot from Cornerstone

By Erik Oster 

Cornerstone launched a new spot for Converse, introducing the Converse All Wah (Converse All Stars with a built in wah-wah pedal) with Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis.

J Mascis musters just about all the enthusiasm he can (not very much) in introducing the sneaker. He laces up a pair, plugs in his guitar and tries out, finding it takes a bit of getting used to. Mascis is a pretty solid choice to introduce the shoe, as a legend whose guitar sound relies heavily on the effect. For those who might not know what wah-wah is, he provides a brief explanation before trying out the All Wah, finding it takes some getting used to and is “definitely its own thing.”

The All Wah is the latest in the “Chuck Hack” project, and a particular cool addition. Critical Mass presented the first prototype of a Chuck Taylor sneaker with built-in wah pedal three years ago. Converse worked with wearable technology brand CuteCircuit to bring the idea to its present-day form, which utilizes wireless Bluetooth technology. Jokes about enthusiasm aside, Mascis saying “I’ll have to write some new songs with this” is a pretty ringing (and awesome) endorsement. 

Update: We’ve been told that while Critical Mass presented the original prototype for the All Wah, all the content for this campaign was, in fact, created by Cornerstone.