It’s ‘Raining Octopuses’ in BBDO New York’s Latest for GE

By Erik Oster 

BBDO New York launched a new spot for General Electric, which shows what it might look like if it were “Raining Octopuses.”

The spot opens with the sound of thunder signaling an impending downpour as a disappointed bride feels the rain drip down her veil and a man looks up at the sky.

When the first octopus hits the ground, it’s clear this is no ordinary storm. The remainder of the spot shows people’s reactions to the unprecedented event, from people fleeing a wedding in terror (a worst case scenario the bride and groom couldn’t have possibly seen coming during their wedding planning) to a commercial pilot attempting to navigate through the storm, while reassuring passengers¬†“It shouldn’t interrupt our beverage service.”

An Octobrella company, meanwhile, has been waiting a long time for this.

The point of the spot, of course, is that GE is ready for “whatever the world throws at us,” helping vehicles, power grids, hospitals and more run smoothly. As usual, BBDO New York delivers the message in a memorable, visually inventive way, teaming up with Biscuit Filmworks, Work Editorial and Method Studios to bring the idea to life.

What we don’t understand, however, is why no one is collecting the delicious mollusks for future consumption. Have these people never eaten octopus¬†before??!

Client: GE
Agency: BBDO New York

David Lubars, Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide
Greg Hahn, Chief Creative Officer, New York
Michael Aimette, Executive Creative Director
Judd Counsell, Creative Director
Anne Lac, Creative Director
George Sholley, Executive Producer
Rani Vaz, Director of Music Production

Brandon Fowler, EVP, Worldwide Senior Director
Anna Mills, Account Director
Marissa Amendolia, Account Manager
Tom Naughton, Group Planning Director
Rhys Hillman, Senior Communications Planner

Shawn Lacy, Managing Director
Rick Jarjoura, Executive Producer
Mercedes Allen-Sarria & Rachel Glaub, Heads of Production
Jimena Murray, Producer

DIRECTOR: Christopher Riggert

MUSIC COMPANY:RMI /ScreenSound Alliance
Robert Miller, Composer

EDITORIAL: Work Editorial NY
Stewart Reeves, Editor
Abbey Chaus, Assistant Editor
Erica Thompson, Executive Producer
Sari Resnick, Senior Producer

VISUAL EFFECTS: Method Studios
Stephanie Gilgar, Executive Producer
Stuart Robinson, Executive Producer
Scott Boyajan, Producer
Heather Saunders, Producer
Benjamin Walsh, Senior VFX Supervisor
Doug Luka, VFX Supervisor
Margaret Bright-Ryan, CG Supervisor
Ivan Guerrero, CG Supervisor
Keith Roberts, Animator Supervisor
Sandro Blattner, DFX Supervisor
Ian Holland, 2D Lead
Chris Bankoff, Nuke Lead
Lersak Bun, Modeling Supervisor
Simon Yuen, Rigging Supervisor
Dan Bodenstein, FX Supervisor

SOUND DESIGN: Brian Emrich at Trinitite Inc.

SOUND MIX: Sonic Union
Michael Marinelli, Mixer

COLOR: Company 3
Stefan Sonnenfeld, Colorist
Rhubie Jovanov, Executive Producer
Adam Van Wagoner, Producer