It’s OK to Cheat at the Olympics

By Matt Van Hoven 

The Olympics are the last bastion for unfettered competition where athletes can compete against the best of the best. That’s good up until the point where the pedestals we set them on are so high that nay a canary can reach them. Dumb canaries. Enter “The Best of Us Challenge” where you too can compete in games against Olympians &#151 games that are almost as stupid as curling (the training center for which is in my home state), like how many tennis balls can you pick up in 30 seconds?

That’s the challenge presented to tennis star Rafael Nadal. He got 24! And you too can compete, by video taping yourself picking up balls and then submitting the video. You won’t be an Olympian, but you will waste a bunch of your own time for a campaign that’s destined to go nowhere.


Also, thought it was funny that one of the rules for submitting says you can’t wear logos &#151 um, unless your name is Rafael Nadal, who is clearly wearing some Nike garb. Cheater!

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