It’s Official: Droga5 Is Under Armour’s First Agency of Record

By Patrick Coffee 

In a move that everyone saw coming, Under Armour has officially designated Droga5 as its first creative agency of record after two years and more awards than you can fit in your high school gym locker.

The client’s founder and CEO Kevin Plank gave Adweek a statement:

“David Droga is a true visionary and is fearless in his pursuit of culturally impactful creative. He and his team at Droga5 have been true partners in helping us elevate and express our own brand story, as we look to inspire athletes all over the world. Together, we have created iconic work and look forward to many more chapters to come.”

Translation: Droga is, like, OK. I guess. Whatever. The chief had his own quote:

“Our relationship with Under Armour and its founder, Kevin Plank, is one built on mutual respect and shared values—great ambitions, producing the best product and a desire to win.”

You’ve all seen the work, and again this is hardly a surprise given the popularity of the “I Will What I Want” campaign–which earned two gold lions, a Cyber Grand Prix, a gold Effie, three gold ADCs, et cetera. (So that’s all it takes to win AOR status!)

The agency will not be working on the client’s American football campaigns, though Tom Brady may still make an appearance in future ads, because that campaign was for training, not football. The client’s internal team Tight Shirt Productions will handle the NFL-related work.

The release calls Under Armour “a flagship account for Droga5” but does not clarify whether UA will continue to work with past marketing partners like Mass Appeal and GreenLight Media. It would appear that Droga will run all campaigns in all categories beyond the pigskin moving forward.