It Takes an Agency to Raise a Child

By Erik Oster 

RPA recently launched an effort to raise funds for United Way that featured an unusual tactic: an imaginary child.

The agency created an imaginary girl named Ellie, whose growth and development depended on donations from RPA employees. She reached a new childhood milestone every day in which employees met the fundraising goal. When that goal wasn’t reached, Ellie did not age and remained stuck at that point of development until the agency reached the necessary donation amount. At the conclusion of the initiative, RPA raised $72,000 in donations for the charity (and Ellie grew up to graduate from high school). Check out the case study above for more on the initiative and visit United Way‘s website to learn more about the organization. 

Agency: RPA
EVP, Chief Creative Officer: Joe Baratelli
VP, Creative Director-Social Media: J Barbush
Sr. Art Director: Hieu Luong
Jr. Copywriter: Nik Frank-Lehrer
Jr. Copywriter: Corlin Stubbs
Creative Intern: Andrew Kim
Creative Intern: Alex Mon De La Cuardia
Creative Intern: Sonja Johnson

SVP, Chief Production Officer: Gary Paticoff
Producers: Shelley Holden, Andrea Lance, Lindsay Nakayama


Camera: Eddie Granado, Corlin Stubbs

Editorial: Corlin Stubbs

Illustration: Nathan Crow (VP, Group Creative Director)

Animation: Skender Beck

Art Production Manager: Jen Lamping
Art Production Coordinator: Sandra Sanchez

Associate Director, Print Production: Susan Cockrell

VO: Alicia Dotter (VP, Creative Director)