It Feels So Real, a YouTube Branded Mosaic Music Video

By Matt Van Hoven 

This thing is like a month old, but still very cool. We love organic-y stuff over here, and this one started our day off right. The use of YouTube stills makes the whole thing that much better.

“The YouTube Mosaic Music Video is a digital piece of art that was made from 1.4 million tiles, and thousands of unique YouTube video stills. It is an original, interactive video of it’s kind, and maxs out YouTube’s annotation editor.”


On thing though &#151 the “interactive” part wasn’t working for us. Actually it caused mass confusion.

Mosaics are kinda sweet because they usually tie in other art in order to create the bigger picture. It’s a metaphor for life, really, in this case set to a catchy-ass tune. Just listen, and hopefully it’ll set your day off right. Besos.

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