isobel, Danepak Get Dead Serious About Bacon

By Erik Oster 

isobel addresses a very serious subject in its latest ad: bacon. The creative agency launched a new initiative on behalf of Danish bacon company Danepak, “The Serious Bacon Club”

isobel launched the campaign with the introductory spot “Welcome to the Serious Bacon Club.” A spokesman for the company opens the spot by asking which of three people the viewer finds the most attractive: a pretty brunette woman yielding a chainsaw, a dapper man holding a kitten or a bearded man with bacon on his chest. His follow-up question gets straight to the heart of the matter: “Are you serious about bacon?” He clarifies, “When I say ‘serious’ I mean ‘serious.'” The spot goes on to show a man who won’t wake up when he hears someone scream “Fire!” but will when he hears someone say “bacon,” a woman who shrieks when gifted a pack of Danepak bacon and other illustrations of just how serious bacon is for its many diehard fans. The online spot will run on Facebook, YouTube and other channels, and more content will roll out as the campaign continues, aided by the social media element at the heart of the campaign. So if you’re really serious about bacon, join the club.


Creative Agency: isobel
Creative Directors: Rob Fletcher, Dave Alexander
Copywriters: Ben Stump, Simon Findlater


Production Company: isobel productions
DOP: Paul Thompson
Director: Rob Fletcher