Is Your Facebook Feed Better in 3D?

By Ella Riley-Adams 

LG wants people to know that “life is better in 3D.” So, in collaboration with creative agency Perfect Fools, they created the LG 3D Studio. The studio’s first product is a 3D newsfeed, which transforms your Facebook feed into something like a cityscape. Each post is a building (fitting, when the 2D version is a wall). Bigger buildings contain more action (comments, likes), while the dinky ones are likely to be the musings of the unpopular.

The app can be viewed on a 2D screen, but is apparently most impressive when viewed with an LG 3D TV or foolish glasses.

It’s a fun concept, but I’m not sure it proves that life is better in 3D. Longtime Facebook users have likely acquired a routine strategy for sifting through posts. They already know whose voices will be interesting, or who they care about most. They know how to spot those people in their feed. The 3D newsfeed doesn’t make this process easier, and in fact it obscures information from the viewer until they hover their mouse over a specific building. For an idea like this to work, it needs to up engagement and streamline a dry, obstacle-laden landscape. Facebook’s familiar structure already works in its flat format; this version of life is happy in 2D.

Try it here, and tell me if you disagree.