Is Your Agency Even A Little Green?

By SuperSpy 

A commentator on our post about Campwell-Ewald’s new green practice made this comment:

I commend them for doing what they can. I work at MindShare and we don’t recycle because it doesn’t “make sense.” Why? Because it’s too expensive… 6 floors of about 700 people in total. Think of all those decks. You would think Irwin G. could afford to save a few trees.”


That’s why we’re interested in hearing more about agencies who are recycling and who isn’t within their office. JWT predicted this year that “green” is the new blue, but are they practicing the trends they preach? Publicis acquired Act Now, a sustainable agency recently. Will that have any impact on how they manage their companies and offices? Where do you work and does your office recycle? Let us know in the comments section.

Meanwhile, small branding agency Greteman Group has produced the site Nuts for Nature, an interactive site, which grew out of the agency’s charitable giving this year. Greteman has been donating to Roots & Shoots and have been volunteering to help the Wichita Boys & Girls Club create a nature habitat. To celebrate, the project, they created Nuts for Nature, where you can build your own outdoor wonderland. We don’t know whether the agency itself is green, but the site is pretty fun.