Is Your Ad Agency Ready to ‘Rock’?

By Bob Marshall 

Pictured above are the members of the Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra, a very quaint band with a very quaint name and even quainter instruments. Created by Jared Gutstadt, CEO and founder of music licensing company Jingle Punks, the band has found “huge acclaim” playing string ensemble arrangements of popular indie songs. Recently, the JPHO was asked by Nirvana’s publishing company to cover Nevermind in its entirety in honor of the album’s 20th anniversary this year. Of course, the quaint lads and lasses were eager to do so, because you just don’t say no when Nirvana’s music publishing company asks a favor of your string ensemble, you know?

Having hit the big time (as much as a quaint string ensemble born from the loins of a music licensing company can hit it “big”), the Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra is going on the road for a North American “tour” over the next couple of months. And, why play in smelly, sticky music venues when a band like this can play in the lovely, carpeted environs of an advertising agency? Below are the JPHO’s tour dates, which will hopefully be printed on a tour t-shirt for dudes to de-sleeve and ladies to turn into a shirt bra so they can go as “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” stars at next year’s agency Halloween party. And, apologies to Toronto and NYC (where the punks played at Grip and W+K, respectively), but hopefully the video of the JPHO covering “Lithium” posted below will tide you over until the band’s next time through.


JPHO  “tour dates”:

Ogilvy LA –  Nov 10

DDB – Nov 28th

Leo Burnett – Nov 29th