Is This The Worst Viral Ever? Oh Dear Gawd Pizza Hut

By SuperSpy 

The problems with this viral are numerous:
1. Lets make fun of hard working business owners in a depressed economy.
2. Lets use two guys who epitomize the word “jerk” as our stars. “God I love it. She’s confused.”
3. Lets devalue the Pizza Hut family brand and mash it together with asshole, junior high antics.

Naturally, Adage points out it has almost 200,000 views, so hoorah! Um, yeah. No. The destruction of Pizza Hut as a warm friendly entity has been totally wrecked. Just because Domino’s has a viral, doesn’t mean you have to do it. As CEO of Deep Focus Ian Schafer said on his blog, “Next time, stop trying to make a ‘viral’ with the goal of getting views, and instead, focus on creating content that actually builds your brand – or at least makes it look good.”

The company behind the video, Mediocre Films, took their namesake to heart and created a mediocre video against the base principles of the brand. Boo.


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