Is This the Best Use of Drones in Advertising?

By Patrick Coffee 

Remember when drones were supposed to be the next big thing back in, what, 2012?

We had drones turned into “tri-copters,” creating patterns in the dark, hanging out at remote GE facilitiesdelivering puppies and helping you find your drunk friends at festivals. They can do lots of things, but they cannot yet replace chief creative officers.

Now we have drones to strategically cover your nakedness–or at least that of the professional dancers starring in this “Kind Drone” ad created by Dentsu Japan for Buyma, which seems like an Amazon/Etsy/Alibaba one-stop e-commerce company.

The aforementioned campaigns were all stunts, and this one is too. But the execution is somehow more…seamless in this case.

A bit more behind-the-scenes info would have been helpful: for example, how were the drones controlled so precisely? How much of this can be attributed to clever editing? Did we really need to see the old white man’s saggy ass at the end?

Apparently the spot has aired only once on Japanese television, but it’s received a fair amount of attention due, we presume, to the almost-nudity that never quite arrives. The joke is that censorship in Japan is particularly strict for anything that even vaguely resembles sexually explicit material.

The ad was inspired by this “typical” French comedy routine in which two dudes use small white towels to prevent a packed house from getting a good glimpse at their junk.

The best part of the pitch, though, was the fact that the PR team behind the work called its credits a “stuff list.”

Agency: Dentsu Japan
Production: Geek Pictures Inc.
Creative Director: Sakuma Takashi
CM Planner: Akinaga Hiroshi
Copy Writer: Yomogita Tomoki
Art Director: Kawagoshi Kazunori
Communication Planner: Nagashima Tatsuhiro
CP: Kurikawa Aiko
Producers: Tanaka Morir, Ozawa Yuji, Kobayashi Yusuke
Director: Shiga Takumi