Is This Really the ‘Most Self-Righteous, Smug’ Ad Job Post Ever? (Updated)

By Kiran Aditham 

Well, one tipster seems to think so, and yeah, for an experiential marketing agency we honestly haven’t heard too much about, Legacy Marketing Partners does seem to think rather highly of itself. Here’s some of the copy from a LinkedIn job listing that the Chicago-based company, which has “an active presence in 76 markets” and is looking for a “copywriter/conceptor” posted yesterday.

“Our current copywriter/conceptor is leaving. Something about moving to Europe to ‘find himself.’ Whatever that means. What it means for us is we’re short a copywriter. And we’re down someone who can concept. Because our old copywriter could do that, too.”


And the coup de grace:

“We aren’t looking to hire for specific title or level, we’re looking a specific person.  However, you should probably have the following skills and experience:

-The title of Jr. Copywriter and Copywriter should be somewhere on your resume.
– Your resume should span 5+ years of relevant experience. Writing self-deprecating blogs does not count as experience
-Experience working in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment. We mean this. So don’t be all “where is this coming from” after we hire you. We warned you
-The ability to communicate like an adult, but still imagine like a child when necessary
-You’re motivated. We don’t want to have to come by and kick your chair to wake you up
-Previous experience working in experiential marketing or promotions and with alcohol beverages is a plus. Living at, or above, a bar does not count, although it should”

Perhaps our tipster who sent this link didn’t make the grade and is bitter about it…or, Legacy is indeed being a tad “smug” (actually, they sound somewhat bitter, too). Either way, we really do wish the best of luck to whomever actually winds up landing this gig. The question remains, though, is this the worst listing in this context that you’ve seen?

Update: Apparently, it’s been taken down from LinkedIn, but we’ve been told the tipster who sent this to us was not rejected and, yes, the ad still lives on Craigslist.